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Resources that Ignite Your Whole Church with a New Passion for the Bible


A New Way of Engaging with the Bible...

Small group and kids curriculum

Available with an annual subscription

Flexible for your group size

Access to Logos Bible Software

Digital resources for all ages

Delivered exclusively on our app

A New Way of Engaging with the Bible...

What’s Included

The Whole Story

Walk through the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation.

Jesus on Every Page

Discover how Jesus and the Holy Spirit are present in every book.

For the Entire Family

Age-aligned lessons so children, youth, and adults can grow together.

40-Week Plan

Teach through the Bible in 40 weeks or split into 10 four-week sessions.

Personal & Group

Every lesson will be divided in two parts so people can study alone and in community.

For Kids

Lessons delivered as a weekly curriculum to be integrated with your children's program.

For Students

Lessons delivered in small-group format to leverage peer-to-peer interaction.

For Adults

Lessons delivered in small-group format for increased community and encouragement.

Assemblies of God Curated

Study with confidence knowing your library was curated by AG leadership and contains resources on the fellowship’s distinctives, theology, and more.

Streamlined sermon prep

Do all of your sermon prep in one place including deep research, word study, writing, and automatic slide generation.

A powerful library

A single click can open dictionaries, commentaries, illustrations, and even step-by-step guides.

Original languages

Discover insights from the original languages with our easy to use tools, even if you don’t know Greek or Hebrew.

Stunning visuals

Create beautiful slides in seconds by selecting any text or image from the included media library and instantly share it to social media.

In-depth study with ease

Get instant information on biblical people, places, things, books, events, and cultural concepts to use in sermons, small groups, or anywhere else you like.

All content delivered exclusively through the Bible Engagement Project App

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  • Get quick access to all lessons and videos.
  • Read the Bible and other study tools.
  • Respond to lessons and take notes.
  • Chat with others in your small group.