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The app for Bible engagement—anytime, anywhere


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Get everything you need at the touch of a button with the BIble Engagement Project App

Your leaders and group members can access curriculum and personal devos throughout the week on their phones or tablets. Not only that, but they’ll get a set of features to encourage engagement and community.

All-in-one access

Get session content, devos, group messaging—plus everything else you need—in the app.

Easy member invites

Add your leaders and group members to the app with just a few taps.


Each session’s built-in text boxes automatically organize what your write in the notes feature.

Full Bible included

No secondary app needed—get the full Bible right inside the app.

Create community

Connect small groups with message boards, plus give kids leaders a place to coordinate.

In-App Videos

Play the session videos on your phone, or cast them from the app through Air Play or Google Play.