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Access the entire curriculum library anywhere, anytime


2 Ways to access—from your phone or a computer

Download the app to access the curriculum library from your smart device or check out the web app to have the same great experience from your computer.

Access the entire curriculum library

Easily teach a session, participate in a small group, or engage with the Bible on your own from your mobile device or a computer.

Group Features

Build community around discipleship by inviting others to join you, assigning a resource to your group, and using the in-app messaging.

Personal Study Features

Take notes throughout the curriculum or Bible and engage with Scripture in the version you prefer.

Offline Viewing

With the option to download every session for offline viewing, you can have access to the curriculum, even if you don’t have internet access.

Home dashboard

The “Home” tab helps you keep track of your current resources and your progress and personalizes the experience just for you.

Save and print

Easily download the resources you need and print from your computer or even right from your phone.

More Great Features on the App


Access the library on a phone or computer


Easily invite others and set up groups


Stay connected with in-app messaging


Take notes on what you're learning


Engage the Bible from the app


Choose from multiple Bible translations