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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Bible Engagement Project?

Bible Engagement Project is a subscription to digital Bible study resources that ignite a passion for God’s Word. With your subscription, you’ll have access to small group resources for adults and youth as well as kids curriculum adaptable to any ministry. The subscription also includes Logos Bible Software, Bible Engagement Project edition which is an Assemblies of God-curated Bible study with built-in tools, including Greek and Hebrew video courses for all levels, step-by-step Bible study instructions, sermon preparation tools, workflows, reading plans. See all that’s included with Logos, Bible Engagement Project edition.

Yes! The curriculum will be available in Spanish in Summer 2020. Logos, Bible Engagement Project is also available in Spanish. See what’s included.

Anyone who accesses the curriculum will need a license.

Every lesson for adults and youth is divided into two parts so that people can study in community and on their own, so each participant and leader will need a license. For the kids curriculum, only leaders who access the content will need a license.

1 license for each
participant and leader

1 license for each
participant and leader

1 license for each leader who needs access to the curriculum

23 small group participants and 4 leaders: 27 licenses
8 youth participants and 2 leaders: 10 licenses
3 kidmin leaders/teachers: 3 licenses
Total: 40 licenses

Yes! You can purchase additional licenses to the digital curriculum in quantities of 10 for $10 and additional licenses to Logos Silver for $20.

The adult and youth curriculum will be delivered exclusively through the Bible Engagement Project App, which is free and can be downloaded on any mobile device. You’ll be able to access all lessons and videos, take notes, and send messages to others in your group. The kids curriculum will be accessed digitally.

If you would like us to cancel your subscription, you can call 1-800-897-5174.

English-speaking customer service is available from Monday-Saturday, 6am-6pm Pacific Time.
Spanish-speaking customer service is available Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time.

The curriculum will be available August 2020. We encourage you to pre-order curriculum so that you receive an email the moment the curriculum is available.

No, your credit card will not be charged until you receive the Bible Engagement Project curriculum in August 2020.

How do I make adjustments to my Bible Engagement Project subscription?

You can adjust your subscription.

No. There are no current plans to create a desktop version of the Bible Engagement Project app as it’s designed to be viewed on mobile and tablet devices. The Bible Engagement Project app will be available on iOS and Android.

Call 1-800-897-5174 or email bep@faithlife.com (English), bepes@faithlife.com (Spanish)

English-speaking customer service is available from Monday-Saturday, 6am-6pm Pacific Time.
Spanish-speaking customer service is available Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time.

Questions about Logos Bible Software?

Once you’ve subscribed to Bible Engagement Project, you’ll receive an email confirming your subscription. This email will provide instructions for how to start using your Logos subscription.

Logos is available for your iOS or Android device, online at app.logos.com, and as a downloadable desktop application. For the most robust experience, download the Logos desktop application. Your subscription gives you access to all of these, and your account information is synced between all of these platforms.

When you access Logos on any of these platforms, log in with the same account that you use for your church group on Faithlife.com.

Login to faithlife.com using your email address and password unique to you. Navigate to your church’s group and find the “Admin” menu on the left side of the group. Scroll through the Admin menu to find “Licenses”. Select “Licenses”. See the Logos license and select it. You can assign the license to a user from here. 

Visit the Logos help center to find resources to help you learn to use Logos. We recommend starting with the Logos Sermon and Bible Study Preparation Series.

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Here are some good places to get started:

Guides are a quick way to leverage the power of your Logos library. Guides search all of your Logos resources to build a report on a word, passage, or topic. You can access these via the Guides menu in the Logos toolbar. Learn more.

Logos includes a number of task based layouts that provide a quick way to access the power of Logos. Click the Layouts icon in the Logos toolbar, then select one of the layouts in the left panel of the Layouts menu. Learn more.

Workflows guide you step by step through studying a biblical passage, preparing a sermon, devotional reading, and more. You can access Workflows via the Guides menu in the Logos toolbar. Learn more.

The current version of Logos offers limited offline reading by pre-downloading resources to your device (requires an internet connection via your wireless carrier or Wi-Fi).

In Logos, open your Library by clicking the Library icon and search for your preferred Bible version. Right click it, then select Prioritize this resource.

If you would like to use a version of the Bible that’s not currently available in the subscription, please reach out customer service bep@faithlife.com (English) or bepes@faithlife.com (Spanish).

In Logos, open your Library by clicking the Library icon. You can search by title, author, and more. You can also filter your library by a range of criteria by expanding the side bar menu and selecting desired filters. Learn more.

Select the portion of text on which you’d like to take a note. Right click your selection, then select Add a note in the left pane of the context menu that appears.

Highlight a word, then right click it to open the context menu. Then select Bible Word Study from the left pane of the menu. Learn more.

Logos has many tools that can assist you. You may want to start with the Sermon Starter guide, which creates a report on a passage tailored to the process of sermon research. You can find the Sermon Starter guide in the Guides menu. Learn more.

Once you’re ready to start writing, try the Sermon Editor, a tool that allows you to outline and write your sermon, import the biblical text, and create slides all in one place. You can access the Sermon Editor from the Tools menu. Learn more.

Send feedback to bep@faithlife.com (English) or bepes@faithlife.com (Spanish). You can also join the Bible Engagement Project community and post feedback there.