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Curriculum for kids ministry and small groups

Everything you need to get your church into the Bible—all in one subscription

To see real transformation in their lives, people need to read and engage with God's Word. But there's always an excuse...

You know the Bible has the answers people need—but how do you get them to read it?

Everything you need to get your church into God's Word—all in one subscription

Age-Aligned Discipleship

All age levels follow the same scope and sequence so the whole church can learn together.

Easy Access

Leaders and group members access everything they need through the dedicated app.

Flexible for any ministry

Get access to all age levels and use what works best for your church.

Change the way your church interacts with the Bible

What if there was a way to show people how to engage the Bible in a way that can actually transform them? That’s what Bible Engagement Project is designed to do. The rich, inspiring material guides people into a deeper interaction and understanding of Scripture.

The Bible has answers—Bible Engagement Project helps people find them.

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Curriculum for every age

Use each age level on its own or choose more than one for an age-aligned program.

Everything you need to root your church in the Bible—all in one subscription!

Preschool Curriculum

Kids Curriculum

Youth Small Group

Adult Small Group

Ready to create a church rooted in Scripture?

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Subscribe to Bible Engagement Project

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Download the App

Invite your church

Invite your church

​See everyone engage with the Bible!

See everyone engage with the Bible!