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Take your church into the depth of Biblical truths

Digital curriculum for preschool, kids, youth, and adults

God’s deepest truths—brought to life

Sometimes it seems like today’s culture is constantly challenging our faith. Without an understanding of the Bible’s core truths, how can the people in your church have confidence to share and defend their faith?

That’s where Learn comes in. This curriculum takes every age on a deep dive into the core of what the Bible teaches. By illustrating the pattern of God’s deepest truths, your church have the understanding and confidence they need to share His story and love with the world.

Scope and Sequence

Give your church a deeper understanding of the Bible

Tells the "why" of God's truths

Give your church a deeper understanding of why biblical truths matter to their lives and the world.

Adapts to your ministry

Get access to curriculum for every age group and use the levels that work best for your church.

Supports Families

Give parents the tools they need to be part of their children's discipleship journey with Family Devotions.

Delivered digitally

Simplify planning and leading with curriculum that’s accessed through the dedicated app.


Make it easy for your church to explore core truths like what it means to live for God and the Holy Spirit's role, from your littlest ones all the way up to the Bible experts in your pews.

Deep Biblical truths simply explained for little ones

Learn Preschool helps teachers connect the dots between the stories of the Bible and Scripture's core truths so that preschoolers build a lasting faith foundation.

Guide kids into deeper understanding of the Bible

Learn Kids satisfies the curiosity that elementary-aged kids have about the Bible with an age-appropriate understanding of not just what the Bible says, but what it means and how they should let it affect their lives.

Show students what the Bible means for their lives

Sometimes, the Bible can seem irrelevant to young people’s lives today. That’s why Learn Youth  gives them a deeper understanding of both the Bible’s core truths, and the way those truths connect to them as people.

Explore core Bible truths with your small group

Learn Adult teaches small groups to dig into the depth of what Scripture teaches and shows them how to discover what the Bible's truths mean for their everyday lives.

Go even deeper into Biblical truths as a family

Give your church the chance to emphasize what’s being learned at church together at home with family devotions that coincide with the weekly sessions.