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Digital curriculum for preschool, kids, youth, and adults

Sixty-six books—One epic story

The Bible is so much more than a series of unconnected stories. That’s why Listen curriculum is designed to make sure the people in your church get to hear the whole story of God’s redemption of His people.

Through 40 weeks of intriguing, inspiring sessions, Listen walks your church through the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, so everyone can understand the entire epic story—and the amazing role God has for them in it.

Digital curriculum that gives your church a deeper understanding of the Bible

Tells the whole story

Give everyone a more complete understanding of the Bible when you study the whole story over 40 weeks.

Adapts to your ministry

Get access to curriculum for every age group and use the levels that work best for your church.

Supports Family Discipleship

Give parents the tools they need to be part of their children’s discipleship journey with Family Devotions.

Delivered through an app

Simplify planning and leading with curriculum that’s accessed through the dedicated app.


Thanks to features like age-aligned content, family devotions, and curriculum that tells the whole story of the Bible, your discipleship ministry will be more connected and cohesive than ever.

Brings Bible time and play time together

Just like their favorite TV shows, interactive videos invite kids into the story so even the littlest ones understand and remember Biblical truths.

Gets kids excited about the Bible

These are the Bible lessons kids can’t stop talking about. Keep kids engaged with YouTube style videos that are fun AND enhance Bible learning, plus exciting activities that make kids want to come back and learn about the Bible again and again.

Teaches students to own their faith

Give students the independence they crave. Your teens are ready to take charge of their faith and this is the curriculum that can guide them to own their relationship to Christ and Scripture study for years to come.

Creates a foundation for personal Bible engagement

This isn’t your average small group. Guide your small groups to dig into the Bible, apply it to life, and create the kind of moments that inspire members to continue engaging deeply with the Bible all week long.

Encourages the family faith journey

Give parents the tools they need to be an essential part of their children's discipleship journey with devotions that offer Bible reading prompts and topics for family discussion.

Four age levels. Pastor resources. All in one subscription!

Here’s what you get with Bible Engagement Project:

Preschool Curriculum

Kids Curriculum

Youth Small Group

Adult Small Group


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​See everyone engage with the Bible!

See everyone engage with the Bible!