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Digital curriculum for preschool, kids, youth, and adults

Sixty-six books—One epic story

The Bible is so much more than a series of unconnected stories. That’s why Listen curriculum is designed to make sure the people in your church get to hear the whole story of God’s redemption of His people.

Through 40 weeks of intriguing, inspiring sessions, Listen walks your church through the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, so everyone can understand the entire epic story—and the amazing role God has for them in it.

Digital curriculum that gives your church a deeper understanding of the Bible

Tells the whole story

Guide your church through the story of the Bible in 40 weeks and explore their role in it.

Adapts to your ministry

Easily adapt the curriculum to meet your church’s discipleship needs.

Equips Families

Empower families to be active in their child’s faith journey with Family Devotions.

Delivered through an app

Simplify planning and leading with curriculum accessed on a dedicated app.


Thanks to features like age-aligned content, family devotions, and curriculum that tells the whole story of the Bible, your discipleship ministry will be more connected and cohesive than ever.

Gets preschoolers excited about the Bible

Build a solid foundation in the Bible that sticks with little ones through adolescence and adulthood.

Shows kids where they fit in God’s story

Help elementary kids understand the Bible’s whole story and how God wants them to be a part of it.

Engages students from Genesis to Revelation

Teach students that the Bible is one epic story that God is still writing today and inspire them to engage deeper with the Bible.

Guides small groups through the story of the Bible

Connect the dots from Genesis to Revelation so that your small group understands the whole story of God's redemption and the amazing role God has for them in it.

Encourages the family faith journey

Empower families to have an active role in their child’s faith journey with discussion questions and Bible-reading prompts.