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Live out the radical change that Jesus brings

Digital curriculum for preschool, kids, youth, and adults

Jesus changes lives forever—in one single moment.

Each of us is just like the characters in the Bible. We’re ordinary people living ordinary lives until, one day, we encounter an extraordinary Savior and are forever changed.

Take every age in your church on a journey of encountering Jesus through the eyes of those who met Him in the Bible. Together, you’ll see the amazing transformations that occur just from His presence in Bible character’s lives. Everyone from kids to adults will understand just how incredible it is to have an encounter with the savior and learn how to live out their own life change now that they know Him.

Scope and Sequence

Show your church just how transformational life with Jesus is for everyone who encounters Him

Explores the New Testament

Take your church on a 40-week journey of the New Testament and the radical change Jesus brings.

Adapts to your ministry

Get access to curriculum for every age group and use the levels that work best for your church.

Supports Families

Give parents the tools they need to be part of their children's discipleship journey with Family Devotions.

Delivered digitally

Simplify planning and leading with curriculum that’s accessed through the dedicated app.


Equip your entire church to discover what it means to live out their faith, from your littlest ones all the way up to the Bible experts in your pews.

Meeting Jesus alongside exciting Bible characters

If there’s one thing even the littlest kids understand, it’s stories! Introduce your preschoolers to Jesus through their favorite Bible characters.

Teach Kids how Bible characters are just like them

Kids remember better when they feel involved. Live curriculum teaches them how Bible characters are just like them so they understand the stories they’re hearing are true!

Shape students' identity around Christ

Live curriculum helps students connect their identity to Christ and center their life choices around Him by teaching them how to live out the same transformations as Bible characters encountering Jesus.

Bring the extraordinary person of Jesus to life

Life is hard and the world gets more challenging every day. Remind your small groups about the amazing transformations they can have experience through the Son of God every day.

Encourages the family faith journey

Empower families to have an active role in their child’s faith journey with discussion questions and Bible-reading prompts.