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Show kids that the Bible is full of people meeting Jesus—just like them!

Connect kids to the extraordinary person of Jesus

Bible characters

Show kids what it’s like to have Jesus change their lives after they meet Him.

Hands-on activities

Get kids up and out of their seats so they can be part of the learning process.

Interactive videos

Drive home biblical truths with engaging videos that introduce the lesson's core truths.


Get everything you need on the dedicated app and invite your leaders for access to the content.

Help kids relate to the Bible

Share the classic stories of encounters with Jesus like Zacchaeus and Peter with your kids and show them what it’s like to have Jesus change you when you meet Him.

Everything you need to lead lessons your kids will never forget

  • 40 weeks of kids curriculum
  • 1 video each session that introduces the Bible truth
  • Printable activity pages
  • Downloadable resources: slides, videos, activities, and more
  • Access to coordinating family devotions


  • Access the curriculum anytime

  • Teach straight from your phone

  • Easily share lessons with your team

  • Reduce what you have to print each week

  • Make it easy for parents to reinforce the lesson throughout the week

  • Built community with your teachers