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Help students shape their identity around Christ

Get everything you need to teach your students to live out Jesus’ plan for them.

Faith Lived Out

Teach students how to live out the radical change that Jesus brings when we encounter Him.


Engage students with videos and questions designed for honest discussion.

Personal devotions

Show students how to explore Scripture on their own with coordinating devos.


Simplify prep and teaching for leaders and engage students in the Bible—all in one app.

Connect your students to the extraordinary person of Jesus

Your students are growing into the people they’ll be as adults. Live curriculum can help them connect their identity to Christ and center their life choices around Him by teaching them how to live out the same transformations as Bible characters encountering Jesus.

Everything you need to get students into the Bible

  • 40 weeks of youth small group curriculum
  • Coordinating personal devotions for students
  • 1 video each session to guide discussion

With the Bible Engagement Project app, you can. . .

  • Access the curriculum library anytime

  • Teach straight from your phone

  • Easily share lessons with your team and students

  • Take notes on discussion, prayer requests, or reflection

  • Build community with your students

  • Encourage students throughout the week