Digital Bible study resources

that ignite a passion for God's Word

Strengthen Families and Relationships
Strengthen Families and Relationships
Deepen Knowledge and Appreciation of Scripture
Deepen Knowledge and Appreciation of Scripture
Become a Church Rooted in Scripture
Become a Church Rooted in Scripture

Many people have access to the Bible, but few know what it actually says.

If this continues, our people...

Won’t be able to discern God's ways from the world’s ways

Will see the Bible as irrelevant and outdated

Will lack wisdom in times of crisis and relational difficulties

Will not see God's purpose for the church and heart for the lost

“Someone who engages scripture 4 or more times per week is 228% more likely to share their faith with others.”

Source: Back to the Bible

What is Bible Engagement Project?

Around the world, pastors and church leaders like you want their people to encounter Jesus, grow spiritually, and experience real transformation. But as you know, this kind of transformation cannot take place outside of meeting Jesus in the pages of Scripture – the living and active Word of God.

Many people have access to the Bible, but few actually know what it says.

We believe this needs to change.

A New Way of Engaging with the Bible...

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A New Way of Engaging with the Bible...

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