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Take your whole church through the Bible

Sample Lessons
Strengthen your discipleship community.
Create one discipleship conversation.
Become a church rooted in Scripture.

Do you want your church to...

Encourage discipleship at home
Encourage discipleship at home
Engage everyone more deeply in Scripture
Engage everyone more deeply in Scripture
Develop disciples who are excited to share their faith
Develop disciples who are excited to share their faith

With Listen curriculum, you're on the way to creating a church rooted in the heart of Scripture.

Sample Lessons

What can Listen do for my church?


Age-aligned content ensures that kids, youth, and adults study the same principles at the same time, creating opportunities for at-home discipleship.

Personal and group study

Enhance small group study with personal devotions and in-app messaging which gives everyone a chance to engage multiple times during the week.

Through the Bible

Give your church a thorough understanding of Scripture as you study Genesis to Revelation in 40 sessions, adaptable for your church’s schedule.

Digitally delivered

Your congregation gets everything they need for sessions, community interaction, and personal study delivered exclusively on the app.

Explore listen age levels

Preschool • Kids • Youth • Adults


Capture the attention of kids as young as three so Bible lessons stick with them. Videos that help you teach will enhance learning and let you emphasize to kids how the Bible connects to their lives.

Key Features

  • Large group time with videos to keep kids engaged
  • Hands-on learning stations connect with all different learning style.
  • Make it simple for kids to understand the main point of each session with the Faith Fact, an easy-to-remember statement that summarizes the theme.
Sample Lessons

K-6th Grade

Get kids involved with creative games and activities! After hearing the Bible story together, small group time helps kids dive deeper into the session with discussion around featured Bible verses and hands-on activities.

Key Features

  • Fun, interactive videos show kids what Scripture means for everyday life.
  • Sessions encourage kids to let the Bible change them personally.
  • Small group activities anchor God’s truth in kids’ hearts.
Sample Lessons

Middle and High School

Don't just inform your students—teach them to discover Scripture on their own! Guided discussions encourage participation and help each student authentically engage in God’s Word.

Key Features

  • Challenges students to put their faith in action on their own.
  • Bible-focused discussion videos help guide each session.
  • Personal devotions help students grow through the week.
Sample Lessons

Graduate and Above

With an emphasis on discussion, Listen Adult can help you create a small group where everyone can share their thoughts and engage more deeply with Scripture. Thanks to the app, you can create an even closer community by connecting with your small group throughout the week.

Key Features

  • Thought-provoking videos introduce each session
  • Designed for discussion and personal reflection
  • At-home study with personal devotions through the app
Sample Lessons

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