Learn Adults: Volume 3

If you asked your friends and family to name one of the most influential people in history who also claimed to be God, one name would likely come up the most—Jesus. When you consider Jesus’ unquestionable impact on history and the radical claim He made about himself, it becomes crystal clear: Jesus is not a person you can just overlook. Every person must have an informed opinion of this Man.

So, who is Jesus? In the classic book Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis reasoned that those who refuse to believe His claim to be God are left with the option of labeling Him as a lunatic or the devil. Jesus asked His closest followers who people thought He was (Matthew 16:13). The disciples responded with far-ranging opinions. But then, in verse 15, Jesus turned the question on them: “Who do you say I am?” Two thousand years later, there may not be a more important question for any of us to answer. Who is Jesus?

Maybe you’ve wondered if Jesus really is who He said He is. Are the historical claims about Him true? Maybe you’ve wondered if Jesus really is Lord.